Invasion of the Tower of Estrad

We find a pack of dire rats on the way to the Tower, dispatch them and move on.

In the Tower, we bluff our way to the lower level to talk to Faxon, but the conversation devolves to combat. He goes down and the three cultists upstairs also lick it.

Alby gets stung by Faxon’s scorpion, gah.

Papers on Faxon’s desk is just inventory of the Tower. A list of names, most of which are crossed-off.

Brazen minotaur’s head, with star shaped symbols decorating the walls. The room is under an Unhallow and Zone of Truth, perhaps to assist in torturing people. Zita hallows the place successfully.

In the chest in the back room, we find a sheaf of papers documenting the safe houses signed by Kendro Nyserum. They document movement of cells throughout the city, and how deep they were in the Crusaders’ ranks. Whatever went on was several years in the planning, there are large numbers of Ivory Labyrinth groups.

Names in the sheaf match the names on Faxon’s desk.

Letter to Faxon

You did well to report Nyserian’s embezzlement when you found it. I trust that you will continue to serve loyally in the weeks to come in your new position as the Foundation of Kenabres. Fear not that you do not know the codes for our communications; they can be taught to you in the future. For now, know that Kenabres’s time is short, and communication beyond the letter will be unnecessary. Trust me — you will be aware of what I speak, and I know you will act accordingly.

Once it has begin, look to find Nyserian’s corpse, as he will have been properly scarified to our lord for his indiscretion. You may take his Keystone and wear it as your badge of office; in the interim, use the seal on this letter. Afterward, simply wait; the agents of the Locust Host may need you as reinforcements. Respond to them if you get word of this. Otherwise, enjoy the destruction, loot what you can, and collect what you will in preparation to move to our next target.

You will be given instructions once Vorlesh has completed her task. She has already left to meet with our Lord’s daughter in Colyphyr to secure the Nahyndrian crystal she needs, and will finish the job that Khorramzadeh began as a signal for the assault. With the Wardstones re-attuned to Deskari’s influence, communication with you will require but a thought.

Await it and praise Lord Baphomet!


Neitholme and Recovering the Books

List of names of active cultists. The cross-off probably means they accomplished their job, which means the rest of the names are outstanding moles.

There are still pieces of the Wardstone left. Khorramzadeh did something to the Wardstone before he left, maybe something to do with the Nahyndrian crystal.

Colyphyr is the name of a demon lord known to have been killed in a battle with Nocticula, a demon lord of assassins — the first succubus, known to be quite capable yet subtle. In fact, she’s probably the most powerful demon lord in existence outside of Lamashtu.

Re-attuning the Wardstones is a particularly dangerous prospect. If Areelu Vorlesh is able to reappear and do whatever it is she needs to do with the Wardstone, that would be bad.

First Descendants have not been heard of since their first contact. So we’re headed to recover books from the library and check on the Neitholmians.

The First Crusaders got stymied by the giant centipede, but found another way out to the southeast. It’s guarded by someone with horns and a tail, not crusaders.

We clear the way and collect the cart with books for the return trip. And we encounter several demons! They try to burn the books in the cart, but finally fail.

Back at the Inn, Irabeth gets a big idea thanks to the Neitholme news of having another exit. She can now sneak an army out of the city.

Colyphyr was indeed a demon, killed by Nocticula. When she kills someone, she takes over the victim’s domain. They are using Colyphyr’s isle to mine for Nahyndrian crystal, which turns out to be the crystalized essence of demons. They are using the essence to corrupt the Wardstones.

Gray Garrison figures prominently into the notes they found in the Tower of Estrad. Quednys Orlun thinks they have a piece of the Wardstone there, but we must recover a weapon from Truestone Quarry in order to destroy the Wardstone — a rod of cancellation.

Our job is to remove the guards on the other side of Nietholme so the army can attack the Quarry and distract them long enough for us to slip inside and steal the rod and cold iron weapons.



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