Queen Galfrey and the Sword of Valor

Returning to Kenebres, we find lots of prejudice against anyone who looks different. We safely transport the prisoners to Irabeth’s care and start some rumors about the Children of the First Crusade as a force for good.

Queen Galfrey arrives with 10,000 troops, but must head back to the south to defend larger demon incursions. She makes us Knights of Mendev, bestows a couple of Medals of Commendation on us, and offers us a mission.

The Sword of Valor now resides in Drezen, and we think Khorramzadeh is residing in Iz with Aponivicious (maralith ruler of Drezen) planning a new attack. Drezen is consequently relatively undefended. We should retake Drezen, reactivate the banner, and hold Drezen against the demon onslaught as its new rulers.

She will be sending three NPCs with us, including Nurah Dendiwhar, Aron Kir, Sosiel Vaenic and a host of knights. Knights are expert flankers, include some paladins, and have good knowledge of fighting demons. Masterwork cold iron, all mounted and all with ranged weapons. Auras of Courage and limited spellcasting with healing abilities.



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