Storming the Temple

Chapels devoted to different deities were built up along the route to Dresen as hospitals and waystations. We go to clean up the temple of Sarenrae, while Arls stakes out Aron Kir‘s tent. Nurah Dendiwhar is going to accompany us, which may serve to exonerate her in case Arl spots some action while we’re away.

We encounter three gargoyles at the entrance to the temple, and then a ghoulish infestation in the temple proper. Name of the god was ‘Kabreri’, but we consecrate the area in Sarenrae’s name.

In the next rooms we find the eviscerated bodies of five missing guards. And then a big deal demon. We destroy the demon and restore the temple, with Sarenrae granting our army a massive cache of healing potions.



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