Wardstone Destruction

The fragment we destroyed released a massive dam from all of the Wardstones, killing demons throughout the Worldwound’s surroundings.

We have a series of visions detailing the beginnings of each of the Crusades. We also have a vision of Irabeth fighting Satunton Vane. He is burned against the Wardstone and manages to escape on a giant wasp.

A final vision of a beautiful demonic woman, Minagho, with horns protruding from her eyes traps the fragment of the Wardstone we just destroyed. She created the cage for the fragment and set up the oracle in this room. In a future that will never happen now, Areelu Vorlesh finishes a ritual corrupting the fragment.

Through a suddenly-appearing burning arch, Vorlesh herself steps through. She puts Irabeth Tirabade down, then wonders if the Wardstone hasn’t infused us, making us the key to her ritual. She brings two more demons in and we see a slew of demons behind her in the portal, at which point our infusion explodes outward, prompting her to disappear in pain and close the portal.

The effects of the Wardstone have imbued us with mythic power!



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