History of a simple druid named Laurik (with his trusty lion companion Arioch).

Life for Laurik has not been easy. Born in Kenabres, Laurik’s mother and father were claimed by the Demon hordes a mere two months after his birth. Raised by a foster family, Laurik was cared for, but never really accepted by his community. Often picked upon by other children in the area (even more so when it was discovered that Laurik had a strange birthmark on his chest), Laurik became more and more solitary and soon found himself spending most of his time out with nature.

Surprisingly, Laurik did not develop any resentment towards the other children. In fact, he came to learn that every living thing has a hard life while living near the Worldwound. This point was driven home when, one day while out exploring the surrounding area looking for rare plant fauna, Laurik came across what appeared to be the sight of a recent battle. This was no ordinary battle though, as it seemed the only casualties were a animals and some sort of small flying demon. Upon closer inspection, it appeared that the battle was between two lions and a Quasit. Heart heavy, Laurik was about to flee for fear of another demon appearing, when he heard a small mewling sound. Quickly searching the area, Laurik made a fantastic discovery – a lion cub was hidden underneath one of the adults! The lions must have been brought to the area by the crusaders and the two adults must have gotten free at some point – only to perish at the claws of a demon. An instant bond developed between the cub and Laurik, and the rest, they say, is history.

Fast forward to present day and we find Laurik volunteering for patrol duty at the local garrison. Laurik’s goals are threefold: 1. Restore the natural order of the area, which has been ravaged by the invading demons armies; 2. Protect and care for the innocent (be they either animal or humanoid); and 3. Accomplish 1 and 2 by destroying the demon threat.


Q: What do I hope happens to my character?
A: That he kicks ASS! I want a character that drives legends! I also want to find the killer of Laurik’s parents and figure out the meaning of the Seeker’s Spiral (the strange birthmark). Hit the level cap and cast a 9th level spell!!!

Q: Challenges?
A: Face and defeat HUGE demons! Find ways to use wild shape in unexpected ways. Wild shape into a mouse to escape a prison cell. Dive bomb an unsuspecting foe from 1000’ as a Roc.

Q: Role?
A: Jack of all trades…. and I mean ALL! I want to occasionally be in the thick of combat, wild shaped as some weird ass creature. I want to save a party member with a key cure spell. I want to disguise myself using Alter Self and fool a guard into letting us pass.

Q: People interaction?
A: Honestly, my diplomacy and bluff skills won’t be super high, so I’m not sure how much interaction I’ll be doing. I might put some in bluff though… so, I guess I’ll be lying a lot, though only in a “good” way. ;)


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