Paladin of the Fourth Crusade


Human paladin of Seranrae.


Many crusaders have made demons their focus of study, but few did so with as much vigor and determination as a demon slayer of the last crusade named Yaniel. At some point, Yaniel was shunned and disgraced by some of her fellow crusaders, so she made the decision to go into the Worldwound alone as a means of redeeming herself. She would meditate with her sword and would purify herself with courage. Months later, she returned with a new band of crusaders thought lost to the wilds of the Worldwound. She saved these men and women from the clutches of demons and returned them safely to Mendev. Her efforts are well known by many crusaders and demon slayers who came after her, and parts of her story even became a ballad sung in taverns throughout Mendev.

After this experience, Yaniel began work on her texts explaining demonkind and the best ways to combat them. These manuscripts are still used by those who fight demons.

She returned to the Worldwound a second time, but was slain by demons. All her followers could recover was her sword, Radiance, which was put on display in the Gray Garrison, and later stolen by the Templars of the Ivory Labyrinth.

Yaniel’s First Treatise

Destructive and prolific, demons come from the Abyss. They temper their evil with a devotion to chaos that makes them unpredictable and deadly as well as cruel.

All demons are exceptionally tough. Most demons, especially more powerful ones, have the ability to shrug off wounds earned through combat, though weapons forged from cold iron and those that are imbued with the power of good can bypass this fiendish protection.

Demons are immune to electricity and poison, and are highly resistant to fire, cold, and acid (though some have specialized immunities that break these general standards).

Some demons are exceptionally durable against magic, and frequently spells targeting them will fail unless cast by a potent source. This protection varies from demon to demon, but those fighting the more powerful fiends would do well to utilize spells that bypass this magical resistance.

Demons can summon others of their kind to aid them in slaking their thirst for destruction. They can communicate with such allies in the Abyssal tongue, as well as in Celestial and Draconic. Many demons can even speak directly into one’s mind through the use of telepathy. This ability typically extends to 100 feet or so, though more potent demons can speak into your mind from great distances.

Intrinsically tied to chaos and evil, these creatures are able to focus this inherent connection into their weapons. A demon’s claws, teeth, and dangerous appendages, as well as any weapon the fiend wields, strike more viciously against creatures weak to evil and chaotic energies.

Keep these demonic standards in mind when fighting against the Abyssal shadow that falls over our realm. Use this knowledge to guide your blade and trust in the Inheritor to guide your heart. We will endure!


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