Cleric of Sarenrae


The people of Kenabres will tell you my story like this: Zita was a child of 6 years when the demon broke through the wardstone and reeked havoc on the town. Her parents we off fighting the crusades and she was left in the keep of the caretakers of the Temple of Sarenrae. The demon stormed the temple, destroying everything. Once the demon left, Zita was found in the temple wreckage, unharmed…the only one unharmed. Sarenrae made the demon leave, had saved Zita, and she is proof that Sarenrae is the protector of Kenebres and the war will end soon.

Nobody asked me what happened. But I will tell you the truth. It is true that I was 6 years old. It is true that a demon broke through the wardstone. But it did not break through just to cause chaotic destruction. If the townspeople had taken the time to notice, the demon made a straight line to the temple. Sure, it destroyed everything along the way, but that’s what demons do. But it had been heading to the temple, heading straight to me. And just before he reached the temple (we could hear the destruction outside) Nana took her holy symbol from her pocket, and gave it to me. She told me to hide in the pantry, close my eyes, and pray. And I did.

Nana was smart to tell me to hide there. It took a couple of days for the townspeople to find me. At least I had food to eat. And I held on to Nana’s holy symbol, and never let go.

I know all of this for truth because when they found me, my mother was with them. She had returned that morning and headed straight for the temple. She knew. Not that she had the gift of sight or anything. No, she was just a good warrior and spy. She had caught wind of the demons plan to attack the temple in Kenebres and destroy a child. There’s only one Temple of Sarenrae in Kenabres, and I was the only child there.

So, you see, I was the demons goal. And maybe Nana’s holy symbol saved me, maybe it didn’t, but I prefer to think that it did. So I keep it close, always.

Since then, I have received messages from Sarenrae in my dreams. She comes to me in the form of a white dove. She tells me that I must fight in the crusades and I will be part of a great group of warriors. The whole idea terrifies me. But you see now why I don’t correct everyone on their version of my story. Would you believe me if I told you? And if you did believe me, would you want to be around me? Didn’t think so.

I did tell me mother about the White Dove and its messages. She prepared me by filling me with her knowledge of demons. I kept telling her I didn’t want to go. I still don’t want to go. My mother and father are both assumed dead now, as neither one has returned from the crusades. My father never came back after the demon attack. My mother left again when I was 13 and hasn’t returned. I pray to Sarenrae that she is safe and that she is brave…braver than me! I’m happy here in the temple.

Oh, it’s been rebuilt and another priest has come to preside over the temple. At first Priest Rawl didn’t like me. I think he thought I was a fluke and that the town made a big deal out of nothing. But he allowed me to stay in the temple as an honorary member and grew to like me. When my mother left when I was 13, she had a talk with Rawl. Since then, he has taught me the ways of Sarenrae, which is such a joy. I learned how to heal, cast spells and am almost completely competent in the scimitar. I’m a cleric now, and I help the people around Kenebres.
But the White Dove visited me again last night. She told me that my time in the crusades was near. I am to get ready, and to be brave.


What I hope happens with Zita?
She finds her mother, closes the worldwound, saves the world and lives happily ever after.

What challenges I’m looking forward to for Zita?
Overcoming her fears as she experiences more of the world outside of the temple and Kenebres. Learning to put her skills to “practical war use”. Till now, she has tended the sick and wounded outside of danger and urgency. And put to use her absorbed knowledge from her mother. And to find out why the demon went after her and who sent it.

What is Zita’s role in the group?
Zita’s role in the group will be the lion of the group, as in the Wizard of Oz lion. Or maybe like Samwise in GoT. She won’t be useless, but will definitely be uttering words that let it be known that she is terrified. She will heal, and try her best at fighting.

How will Zita interact?
As for character interaction, Zita wants to believe in the good of people (she grew up in a temple). The only real evil she knows is demons. She will learn that not all people are good, and that some even fight for the bad side. Gasp!


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