On the Road to Drezen

Three days north of Kenebres, a day south of the canyon we’ll be taking to Drezen. We recovered a dozen prisoners who were holding the Vilareth Ford before the tieflings attacked. Ranking member of the prisoners is Sgt. Camilo, who explains that her army was surprised and decimated weeks ago. We incorporate them into our own army and they share what they learned from their captors.

There is a demon army of about 50 in Keeper’s Canyon, and a tiefling army of about 100. Lead by a demon named Xorius with large wings.

We plan to scout ahead with Aron Kir, Nurah Dendiwhar and Laurik, then move the army north to the Canyon. In the morning, Sosiel Vaenic informs us that one of the newcomers, Arls, is fomenting dissension in the ranks. We talk to him, warn him, and dismiss him.

We destroy both armies, but the commander teleports away before we can capture him.

Laurik spots a vial of Shadowblood on Aron, and it’s not clear where he’s found it. Turns out something is secretly providing him with the drug on a regular basis. We intervene and attempt to discover the culprit.



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